Coast to Coast, City to City

As the project evolves so, too, will we; from kids… into slightly smarter kids. This is where we will be posting articles written by our team and updates on our journeys. These will come in the form of regular video updates, articles, shout-outs; pretty much anything and everything we want. Because this is our blog and that’s what a blog is. If you’re interested in submitting articles or just want to share some cool stuff with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Otherwise, bon apetit! Juicy content awaits you below.


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BikeFrog: Motorless in Motor City

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BikeFrog Takes A Ride With Slow Roll Detroit

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BikeFrog’s Drunken Fools Bar Crawl

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The Bike-sharing World Map

Paul DeMaio started The Bike-sharing World Map in 2007 to be the one-stop source for information about the global growth of bike-share services. The Bike-sharing World Map now shares information over 500 bike-share services including the services’ website, fleet and station size, and launch date.


Bikefrog is currently seeking partnerships with community organizations across the country either interested in organizing community bike rides or are one of the stops along the Leap Across America Tour. If you know anyone, or are interested yourself in working with...

Tadpole Diaries No. 3: Guatemala

I traveled to Guatemala to work with Safe Passage at 15 years old, it was my first experience in a 3rd world country. After spending a little over two weeks there, my perspective on the meaning of life and my view of the world dramatically shifted…naturally.