Leap Across America:

The Inaugural Tour

“Are You Guys Crazy?”

This is the typical response when we explain that our first project ever will see three riders biking 3,700 miles through 12 major cities in 75 days. In short, the answer to that question is “yeah, a little bit.” We wouldn’t have the gumption to pursue such an extensive endeavor as an inaugural tour if we weren’t at least a little bit nuts. So what is it that drives us forward? The heaps of enthusiasm and unyielding optimism from those that come along for the ride!

In each city we stop in this summer on our route to the west coast, we will be meeting with organizations and communities in pursuit of creating a sturdy network across the country to advance innovation in social reform and sustainability. Along the way, we’ll be organIzing community rides and hosting events at local venues (stay tuned because we’re targeting breweries) to spread awareness of the network we’re creating.

We will be posting updates on our riders frequently with footage from the ride over on the Frog Blog and Outside.TV’s Campfire. Whether you are physically or digitally along for the ride we encourage your participation in the community and welcome any and all contributions to our content as long as its bike friendly!

The Riders

Zachary Litif

Zachary Litif

The Visionary

A New England resident with a passion for travel and adventure. After years of biking as his only means of transportation in numerous cities, Zach is ready to push the limits of how far his bike can actually take him…why not coast to coast?

Eliot Douin

Eliot Douin

The Motivator

A Portland, ME native and local pedicab legend. Eliot’s relentlessly energetic character provides crucial motivation to fend off the unavoidable fatigue of the trip (not to mention his savage legs from carting around tourists).

Andre Medeiros

Andre Medeiros

The Enthusiast

An unexpected but exciting addition to the Leap Across America tour. Andre had initially planned his own cross-country ride but in one short phone call with us he was ready to quit his job and join the ride!

Kristiana Lachiusa

Kristiana Lachiusa

The Nutritionist

Raised in Longmeadow, MA and with more bike touring experience than our three other riders combined, Kristiana offers the necessary wisdom for the others to survive. After years on the east coast she is ready to hit the (quite long) road and start a new chapter on the other side of the country. Her bags are packed…and on her bike?

The Route

Boston, MA - MAY 27

The Helmetheads will depart early on this Saturday morning by dipping their tires into the Atlantic ocean before pumping out the first of many revolutions on their Leap Across America. Come join us for the momentous occasion, and ride us out of Boston on our grand departure.

Buffalo, NY - JUN 1

Our first stop on the tour will be a short one (and hopefully not too cold!). BikeFrog is excited to check out Reddy BikeShare and grab a few brews with the local cycling crowd!

Cleveland, OH - JUN 5

Quite an up and coming biking city, Cleveland will host our first large community bike ride to one of their local brew pubs. With an already established cycling community, the Helmetheads are excited to dig their cleats into the non-cycling community and drag them along for the ride!

Chicago, IL - JUN 12

In 2016 Chicago claimed the number one spot on Bicycle Magazine’s “Top 50 Bike Cities in America” surpassing New York City. A part of Zach’s heart was claimed by New York in his time living there…so Chicago better live up to the expectations!

St. Louis, MO - JUN 19

With a bike share program in progress and not quite making the top 50 chart, St. Louis will be the Helmetheads first stop in a city where their impact will be immediate and uplifting. They hope to draw out a large turnout from the community to elevate the progress the city’s cyclists are working so diligently to accomplish.

Kansas City, KS - JUN 25

While the Helmetheads are certainly dreading the long, flat journey across the great plains, they are ecstatic to visit the city in the middle of it. Aside from checking out the first B-Cycle Bike Share System, the Helmetheads will be touring the one day and hosting a community ride the next…no bike? that’s ok we got one for you…like beer? Good because we do too!

Denver/Boulder, CO - JUL 9

Possibly the host of the most ambitious part of the tour and spending five days between the two Colorado cities. The Helmetheads will be leading a spritely Sunday bike ride from Denver to Boulder where many of their brand supporters and the World Bicycle Relief are headquartered!

Rawlins, WY - JUL 17

So there isn’t much in Rawlins, WY…couldn’t think of a better reason to visit. Lewis and Clark left their mark on this town over 200 years ago. The Helmetheads anticipate leaving theirs as well…hopefully by connecting them with a bike share program!

Salt Lake City, UT - JUL 26

After a grueling ride over the Rockies, you can bet that the Helmetheads will appreciate the break in Salt Lake! The Utah city is a Helmetheads dream, a city funded bike share, an established cycling community, and a ton of great breweries…this will be a community ride not to be missed!

Carson City, NV - AUG 6

Often overlooked by Las Vegas, we believe Carson City has a lot to offer Bikefrog, and we believe we have a lot to offer Carson City. While the city is beginning to accommodate biking, there are still no talks of a bike share program. Could there be a better time for the Helmetheads to come barreling through?!

Sacramento, CA - AUG 12

After making our way around Lake Tahoe (which all of us are stupidly excited about) we will be greeted by Zach’s college friend Chris upon the Helmetheads short-stay in Sacramento. While the Helmetheads are gong to meet with local media in Sacramento, the real reason for the stop is to drag Chris and whoever else is daring enough to join on an overnight ride, camping with the Helmetheads, to San Fran!

San Francisco, CA - AUG 16

Ahhhhh….we made it! Of course we will finish strong with a community ride to a brewery…I’ll take one of every beer they have on tap!.

Gold flags represent a top 50 finish on bicycling.com’s list of best biking cities.



As this is our first ever project, the dream of bringing it to life will be reliant on the generosity of our community (that would be all of you lovely people!). While each of us are investing what time and capital we can, providing the necessary gear and supplies to send three riders across the country is a costly endeavor. Providing these materials will rely in large part on donations. We will be portioning donations to these supplies and 100% of the profits from them will be given to the World Bicycle Relief to fund the donation of bicycles and jobs to underdeveloped areas of the world. Thanks in advance for your interest!


The Bikefrog Team