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Thank you for considering making a donation! Bikefrog is a start-up community initiative. We are working towards (and looking forward to) becoming a 501(c)3 Non-Profit. Currently, we can only accept grassroots funding and sponsorship. All donations to Bikefrog are going directly into the initiative’s development to grow our community and our impact. While the Helmetheads are crossing the US on “Leap Across America” the inaugural tour, there will be a World Bicycle Relief profile set-up for Bikefrog. There, organizations and individuals will have the opportunity to give tax-deductible donations directly to the World Bicycle Relief through the support of Bikefrog’s events and this donation page!

Below, you’ll find an itemized expense report for the Inaugural Trip: Leap Across America. All items and prices on the report are solely for the trip and all donations made in excess of the total amount or money left over after the completion of the trip will be donated to the World Bicycle Relief.

The campaign to donate directly to the World Bicycle Relief starting May 27th, 2017 when the Helmetheads will dip thier bicycles into the Boston Harbor and begin the exciting adventure to the Pacific.

Kindest regards,

The BikeFrog Team

Where is your donation going?

For Every $147 Donated to the World Bicycle Relief, a Buffalo Bicycle is given to a student, teacher, entrepreneur, or healthcare specialist to make their transportation quicker and efficient. Across all areas, the Buffalo Bicycle improves each community’s education, economy, and health. Learn more about the Buffalo Bicycle by clicking the link below!

Itemized Expense Report

  • Brooks Saddle Champion Flyer $200
  • (2) Back Panniers
    • Ibera Bicycle PakRak (30L) $93
    • Ortlieb Back Roller (40L) $180
  • (2) Front Panniers
    • Thule Shield (14L) $130
    • Thule Shield (24L) $150
  • Cycle Computer $130
  • 38L Backpack (May not need) $200
  • Bug Net & Rain Cover $100
  • Bike Tools, Tubes, etc. $100
  • Miscellaneous $350
  • Waterproof Bags $90

TOTAL: $1,400

  • (2) Cycling Shorts $100
  • (2) Cycling Tops $100
  • (2) Cycling Socks $20-30
  • Helmet $150
  • Cycling Shoes $70
  • (1) Gore-tex Socks $35
  • Sunglasses $50
  • Miscellaneous $350

TOTAL: $885

  • Daily Expenses $2,250
    • $30 per day
    • 75 Days
  • Bike Shipping & Flight back to Boston $350


Expenses Not Included

  • A new bicycle
    • Zach purchased this with his own money
  • Shelter; Zach will be utilizing the following
    • Stealth camping
    • Staying with new acquaintances

TRIP GRAND TOTAL: $4,935 + Donations

BikeFrog Breakdown

  • Administrative .5%
  • Advertising for Events .5%
  • Advertising for Brand Awareness .3%
  • Inaugural Ride Expenses (Without Sponsorships) 4.8%
  • Inaugural Ride City Stop Expenses 1.8%
  • Development of Bikefrog 1%
  • Development of Cycling Charity (Currently WBR) 90%