Day 23:

Bikefrog Meets It’s Match


JUNE, 2017

The Frog Journal

After waking up in our hammocks, eating breakfast, and packing up, we were just about to take off towards Bloomington when we witnessed a penny-farthing pass by towing a caddie. Naturally Zach took off to catch the guy. Julien (pictured) was biking from San Francisco to Boston on a penny-farthing, the first bike ridden cross country in the 1800s, and he was following the same route. It was quite an impressive feat considering we are called crazy on a daily basis, but this guy defined crazy! And then we were off following the straight and flat Route 66, 75 miles to Bloomington-Normal where we met Michael.

Michael is an awesome character and impactful resident in the area, especially for bikes! He runs Bike BloNo an organization fighting to get bike lanes in the twin city area. He was excited to report that after a three year fight to get the first bike lanes put in the town that they were days from success! On top of that he is active in education and advocacy around the towns. His dog Piper was also incredibly welcoming. We ate pizza, had some local beers, and were to bed at a decent hour because all of us needed to be up at 7am. Keep fighting the good fight Michael, we’re all proud of you!

“Julien was biking from San Francisco to Boston on a penny-farthing…”