Day 21:

Bikefrog Meets the World Bicycle Relief


JUNE, 2017

The Frog Journal

When bike touring crazy coincidences are not uncommon and they tend to become part of the daily routine. But, on our way out of Chicago, we encountered probably one of the most outstanding coincidences we will for the remainder of our trip. We got a late start to the day and were on our way to the beginning of Route 66 to take a picture with the sign before heading out of Chicago. Less than a mile from the sign we were approached by a man on a fat tire bike.

“You guys must be on some kind of adventure,” the guy said. When we reached a stop light Zach turned around and noticed the guy was wearing a WBR shirt. In a quick burst of excitement Zach turned around to show that he too was wearing a WBR shirt. To which the man responded, “I’m F.K. Day, the president. Zach comically responded, “I know who you are!” He invited all of us to the headquarters of WBR/SRAM and gave us all a detailed tour of the facility, while introducing us to the entire office.

After the tour they fed us, had beers with us, and incidentally introduced us to one of the founders of AirBnB who was prototyping a new service. After a few hours in the office we noticed the time and were beginning to worry about getting out of the city at a decent hour. F.K. noticed and offered his place down the road. We obviously couldn’t refuse and the WBR employees (Jameel and Mary Beth) escorted us to the “clubhouse” and hung with us until the late hours of the evening, drinking beers and reminiscing on the unbelievably serendipitous day!

““You guys must be on some kind of adventure,” the guy said.”