Friends & Partners

Our Extended Family

The World Bicycle Relief makes and sends bicycles to third world countries, stimulating economies through transportation and job creation. As our first charitable connection, all profits made from our first ride will be donated to them to provide communities in Africa with potentially life-changing bicycles.

Outside TV is a media platform focused on bringing together an online community of outdoors enthusiasts and wanderlust-stricken souls. They will be our primary means of broadcasting the long and (hopefully) fruitful journey we are embarking on.

Phassion Co. (Classic Rebel)

The collective of Boston artists responsible for Phassion Co. draws inspiration from the community that drives their clothing lines. Each item is designed and hand-printed through the coordination of the Phassion team and the artists bringing their creations to life. A small team that will be instrumental in outfitting the Helmetheads.

Want To Join Our Extended Family?

We appreciate all of our sponsors, supporters, and partners regardless of the size their contribution.

Though some companies have partnered with us or play an important managerial role in our functions, most have simply donated minor services or products in support of our project. As Bikefrog is still in its infancy, no contribution is too small and we are grateful for each and every one.

If you’re interested in helping out, there are a variety of ways you can do so. You can simply donate to our cause. Sharing our content through social media or your website is also a great way to help (make sure to find us and tag us so we can properly thank you!). If you are, however interested in playing a larger role in our organization, whether it be partnership, donation of goods and services, or networking, please contact us and lets discuss it!


The Bikefrog Team