The BikeFrog Team

Our friends, families, and the network of spectacular people we are steadily building on this journey.

What began with Zach, a lone soldier embarking on a grand mission, is now an ever growing team of young and enthusiastic Millenials ready to use the bicycle as their tool to empower communities and bring joy to the people they encounter.

World Bicycle Relief

The World Bicycle Relief’s mission is in line with our own. The foundation of our mission is to give access to, and get people on, bikes. The World Bicycle Relief has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives simply by utilizing the Power of the Bicycle.

All Bikefrog efforts and profits are in support of the World Bicycle Relief, in our effort to spread the transformative power of the bicycle all over the world.


The group of generous organizations that have and and continue to help us on this amazing journey.

These organizations have either partnered with Bikefrog or donated their services, resources, or products to helping us make this whole project a reality.