Come Along For The Ride

Our Mission

WHEELS DRIVE A BIKE FORWARD WHEN WE PEDAL, but the performance of a wheel relies on the integrity of each spoke. We are the mechanics truing the wheels that move our community forward. By providing harmonious tension to the spokes of the societal wheel we are fostering healthy and sustainable communities and lifestyles; the contribution of each local initiative elevates the impact of our global society!

We strive to eliminate exclusivity in the usage of cycling infrastructure, ultimately laying the foundation for comprehensive cycling communities around the world. In setting in motion the ideological wheel that is this project, it is our hope that inertia will keep it moving ever forward, allowing for exponential replication with each rotation by people all over the world. This “wheel” is built on three metaphorical spokes:


While on expeditions, riders will seek out communities, individuals, and organizations that subscribe to a similar vision of a more efficient, sustainable future and equal opportunity to be a part of it for all the world’s people. While many such organizations exist, the chink in their armor is the lack of cohesive efforts and reliable networks between them. We seek to create and bolster a nationwide network of like-minded people in hopes that will come quicker and more efficiently with access to a deeper roster of resources.


While creating this network, we also aim to promote innovation in sustainable infrastructure and social reform. In each major city, we will host a variety of events to raise awareness of and cultivate interest in the companies within our growing network. These will come in the form of Q&A sessions at local breweries and community rides via local and national bike-sharing programs, among others. These events will welcome cyclists and non-cyclists alike, as we aspire equally to educate newcomers and advance the engagement of those already involved.


The third and final spoke is what keeps the wheel turning after the first rotation. After completion of our ride, all profits made from donations will go towards providing growth, sustainability, and bicycles to developing areas both domestic and foreign. This will be accomplished through partnerships with a network of charitable organizations. In doing this, the dream is that we can provide the opportunity for other people all over the world to Unite, Invigorate, and Foster in their own countries and, in turn, further that same opportunity to others. The ultimate goal is exponential, worldwide growth of sustainability through altruistic networking and the power of the humble bicycle.

The Founders

Zachary Litif

Zachary Litif

Founder, Project Coordinator, and BikeFrog

By definition, he’s a Mainer, but at heart, he’s a nomad. With his relentless passion for adventure and a knack for connecting with people, it is no surprise that his curiosity and upbeat personality are contagious. His two favorite things: afternoon bike rides and a laugh over a beer (and his laugh is infectious).

Clay Campbell

Clay Campbell

Co-founder, Marketing and Design Manager

A Bah-stun boy, born and raised. Found his passion in graphic+web design, branding, and animation and formed an LLC after 5 years in architecture. While he loves to ride his single-speed around the city, his preferred mode of cross-country transportation: Plane.

Though Zach and Clay spearheaded this project, Bikefrog has grown considerably since its inception to include a whole family of contributors and cyclists, supporters and partners, individuals and organizations.

We collectively and affectionately refer to all members of this network as Helmetheads, and we could not have hoped to grow so fast and reach so far without them.

To meet the rest of our Bikefrog family and find out how you can become a part of it, check out out our Bikefrog Team page.