What Is BikeFrog?


BikeFrog was created with one goal in mind: inspiring happiness in the lives of people around the world utilizing the power of the bicycle.

BikeFrog began as a simple trail name for an ambitious young man who wanted to see and meet the people of the world. To his elation others wanted to join in the movement and a passionate team formed around him to send him and other team riders on a journey across their country (and for BikeFrog…eventually the world), meeting with like-minded individuals along the way to promote social reform, charitable altruism, and environmental sustainability. In doing so, we raise awareness of the bicycle as a useful and inexpensive tool for community development while creating a network of organizations interested in utilizing it.

Whether one lives in a developing or industrialized, city or nation, available transportation shapes their lifestyle. The value of the bicycle lies in its ability to improve speed and distance in almost any service or industry at a minuscule cost. Whether it be healthcare, commerce, or even just gathering clean water from the nearest source, the humble bicycle provides a simple solution to an ever increasing web of problems around the world.

The Leap Across America Tour


BikeFrog’s Inaugural Ride

Beginning his trek around the world, Zach Litif (a.k.a. BikeFrog) and the BikeFrog team will be riding from Boston to San Francisco over the course of 75 days, stopping in 12 cities along the way.

Our team will be documenting his and the BikeFrog teams experiences and encounters for you to follow and stream on OutsideTV’s Campfire, the FrogBlog, Facebook, and Snapchat. Together, building a network dedicated to elevating happiness through the power of bikes!

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The Bike-sharing World Map

Paul DeMaio started The Bike-sharing World Map in 2007 to be the one-stop source for information about the global growth of bike-share services. The Bike-sharing World Map now shares information over 500 bike-share services including the services’ website, fleet and station size, and launch date.


Bikefrog is currently seeking partnerships with community organizations across the country either interested in organizing community bike rides or are one of the stops along the Leap Across America Tour. If you know anyone, or are interested yourself in working with...

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Friends and Supporters

Though we are constantly working very hard towards achieving our goals, none of this would be possible without the support of our friends and family of organizations and companies and we are ever grateful to them! Interested in becoming a part of this? Don’t hesitate to contact us!